Stool DNA

Clean Stool DNA Kit
Magnetic bead based isolation of genomic DNA from Stool Samples

CleanNA’s Clean Stool DNA 96 Kit allows high throughput and reliable isolation of high-quality genomic DNA from stool samples. The Clean Stool Kit isolates both pathogen and host DNA, allowing up to 300 μL stool samples to be processed in less than 45 minutes. Due to the elimination of organic extraction steps, the Clean Stool Kit allows multiple samples to be processed parallel and easily be automated on liquid handling workstations (e.g. Beckman, Hamilton, Tecan, Caliper, Thermo KingFisher Flex, Applied BioSystems® MagMAX, etc.).

Each Clean Stool Kit is provided with two available protocols, allowing for minimized inhibition and maximum downstream sensitivity. The kit combines our proprietary magnetic particles with our specially designed CSC Reagent to eliminate PCR inhibiting compounds such as humic acid from stool samples. The isolated DNA is directly suitable for direct use in most downstream applications, such as PCR, restriction digestion and hybridization applications.

Available kit formats

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Clean Stool DNA Kit (1 x 96)



Clean Stool DNA Kit (4 x 96)