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Catalog No# Description Number of preps
CP-D0096 Clean Plant DNA Kit (1 x 96) 96
CP-D0384 Clean Plant DNA Kit (4 x 96) 384

Clean Plant DNA Kit

Magnetic bead based plant DNA purification system

The Clean Plant DNA Kit allows rapid and reliable isolation of high-quality genomic DNA from a wide variety of plant species and tissues. Up to ninety-six 50 mg samples of wet tissue (or 15 mg dry tissue) can be processed in less than one hour. The system combines CleanNA’s buffer chemistry with the convenience of CleanNA’s PRG Beads to eliminate polysaccharides, phenolic compounds, and enzyme inhibitors from plant tissue lysates. This kit is designed for manual or fully automated high throughput preparation of genomic, chloroplast, and mitochondrial DNA. Purified DNA is suitable for PCR, restriction digestion, and hybridization applications. There are no organic extractions thereby reducing plastic waste and decreasing hands-on time to allow multiple samples to be processed in parallel.