About us

CleanNA’s focuses on supplying an evolving market with high quality products, providing the latest technology, high-efficiency and cost-effective magnetic bead-based kits for both DNA and RNA analysis. A dedicated team combines both scientific and technical knowledge providing an ideal interface between the user and life science application(s). Our proprietary magnetic bead technology delivers a high quality nucleic acid purification system, highly effective for cleanup of PCR and sequencing products for both Sanger Sequencing as well as Next Generation Sequencing.

CleanNA offers magnetic bead-based solutions for DNA and RNA isolation from various sample sources, for example Whole Blood, FFPE, Plant tissue, etc.

All our protocols are designed for high throughput nucleic acid purification and can easily be adapted on commercially available liquid handling instruments.

Our proprietary chemistries can be applied in many markets including but not limited to sequencing core facilities in academic institutions, diagnostic centers, sequencing services providers around Europe and the world.