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Orders can be placed directly with our worldwide network of distributors.
For sales of CleanNA products in other countries, please contact us directly at CleanNA:

Telephone: +31 182 22 33 50
Fax: +31 182 22 33 98
Mail: info@cleanna.com

All orders will be confirmed via email or fax.
Unfortunately we can’t accept Credit Card Payments.

Pricing and Bulk Purchasing

Please contact our distributors for the list prices of all CleanNA products in your country. As CleanNA is a primary manufacturer of DNA/RNA isolation & clean Up kits, we can accommodate large orders easily and discounts are available for bulk product purchases. Please contact your nearest distributor to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.

Payment Terms:

Payment terms are net 30 days.

Shipping & Delivery:

Our shipping days are Monday through Thursday. Our shipments are made by courier and due to the stability of the products, cooling during shipment is not required. Shipment costs may differ depending on the destination of the shipment.

Product Labeling:

Please read the product label and material safety data sheet for information pertaining to any product hazards which may exist. Products are intended for use only by qualified laboratory personnel.

Returns Policy:

Due to our Quality System, it is not practical to resell returned goods as we cannot be assured of their quality.


CleanNA shall not be responsible for any injury or damages resulting from the use or misuse of any of its products. Reagents are provided for use in labs only.

Product Use:

All listed CleanNA products, unless otherwise stated, are intended for research use only and not for diagnostic use.

We use CleanPCR from CleanNA … the product[s] are simple to use, the protocols are easy to follow. Price and quality are also very good. …

Rob Klomkamer, NKI

We tested the cleanNGS beads for nucleic acid purification and size selection and we obtained similar results than with competitor A beads. The cleanNGS beads allowed efficient size selection to remove primers and reagents from PCRs. We have also used them to clean up RNA in the different steps of NGS library preparations and obtained similar results than with other products and without detectable RNA degradation. In addition, we applied the cleanNGS beads for double size selection to remove at the same time genomic DNA and primers from PCR reactions, and we obtained excellent results.

Alejandro Pineiro, NKI
… [We use] the purification kits of CleanNA … We are very satisfied with the price and quality …
Steve Baeyen, Lab Manager Genomics ILVO (Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek)