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About us

CleanNA is a reagent manufacturer based near Gouda, the Netherlands. At CleanNA we aim to collaborate with our customers to transform their specific needs into tailored solutions using our experience and scientific knowledge about magnetic bead based nucleic acid isolations and automation solutions. Our vision is that any scientist faced with a challenging and time-consuming nucleic acid isolation has access to a complete, magnetic beads based, solution that meets their needs in quality and yield while significantly reducing their hands-on time.


Our CleanNA Purification solutions provide the best solution to prepare any nucleic acid sample for the most demanding downstream applications.


Our CleanNA Extraction Kits provide the best methods to perform high quality extractions of DNA and/or RNA from a wide variety of samples.


Our CleanNA magnetic separation devices provide high magnetic attraction for fast and easy use of our magnetic beads based products.

We use CleanPCR from CleanNA … the product[s] are simple to use, the protocols are easy to follow. Price and quality are also very good. …
Rob Klompmaker, NKI

We tested the cleanNGS beads for nucleic acid purification and size selection and we obtained similar results than with competitor A beads. The cleanNGS beads allowed efficient size selection to remove primers and reagents from PCRs. We have also used them to clean up RNA in the different steps of NGS library preparations and obtained similar results than with other products and without detectable RNA degradation. In addition, we applied the cleanNGS beads for double size selection to remove at the same time genomic DNA and primers from PCR reactions, and we obtained excellent results.

Alejandro Pineiro, NKI
… [We use] the purification kits of CleanNA … We are very satisfied with the price and quality …
Steve Baeyen, Lab Manager Genomics ILVO (Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek)

Amazing results!

These beads are easy to use, and are extremely effective in our applications. The beads produce high quality results and also produce extremely reproducible work. My research would not be the same without these cost-effective and efficient beads. I also appreciate how friendly and the willingness to help that all of the sales team has at GC biotech to help provide me with what I want.

Michelle Michelsen, University of Exeter

Like-for-like replacement to the large name-brand equivalent

Delivers reproducible DNA size-selection for a variety of NGS applications and can be used in with-bead applications.

Patrick van Eijk , Division of Cancer & Genetics, School of Medicine, Cardiff University

Easy to use!

This product was used as part of my research project in molecular epidemiology and I was really happy with the results it produced. It made it an easy process to extract the DNA across all samples and ensured accurate sequencing data.

Jonathan Abeles, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
At our lab the magnetic bead based plant DNA purification system Clean Plant PK DNA Kit is routinely used for quick and robust gDNA isolation from various plant species. The ease of use and compatibility to our liquid handler made it one of our most preferred plant DNA extraction protocols. After implementing the CleanNGS magnetic beads in our lab routines we covered most of our plant DNA handling and purification methodologies. The CleanNGS magnetic beads substitute many of other manufacturers magnetic beads with comparable or even better results when applied for size selection and purification of our plant DNA extracts. Clean NGS products helped our lab to improve quality and throughput and substantially cut costs and hands-on-time.
Almer van Belzen, Genetwister Technologies