Clean Magnet Plate 96-Well RN50

Powerful  Ring Magnet Plate for magnetic bead separations.

The Clean Magnet Plate 96-Well RN50 has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of applications. Equipped with strong Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) ring magnets, it is the ideal tool for fast and reliable magnetic bead separations. The magnets offer excellent magnetic bead capture and allow for complete supernatant removal while eliminating magnetic bead loss.


  • Separates the magnetic beads in a ring shape near the wells bottom, maximizing bead washing efficiency while allowing full supernatant removal
  • SBS footprint and compatible with almost all liquid handlers and plate stackers
  • Strong NdFeB magnets for fast and reliable magnetic bead separations
  • Universal design for all your 96-well applications
  • Compatible with many 96- well round or v-bottom plates and PCR plates
  • Suitable for separations in Deep Well plates up to 2 mL