Clean Cell Free DNA Kit (CE-IVD)

Catalog No# Description Number of preps
CCF-D0384 Clean Cell Free DNA Kit 384
For In Vitro Diagnostic Use

High-quality cell-free DNA extraction

Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) has experienced a remarkable rise in interest as a diagnostic and research tool in medicine. Over the last years, cfDNA had a major impact on prenatal diagnostics by enabling non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). Furthermore, it is rapidly evolving into the new diagnostic standard for oncology, transplant medicine, and cardiovascular diseases. Our CE-IVD marked Clean Cell Free DNA Kit helps laboratories with the first step of the diagnostic process: extracting the cfDNA from human plasma.

Our kit extracts cfDNA fragments from 1 mL human plasma in a three-step procedure that is easy to automate. The unique lysis buffer releases the DNA from proteins and vesicles and the optimised buffer combination enriches DNA fragments ranging from 120 to 400 base pairs. Combined with the CE-IVD marking, this makes the Clean Cell Free DNA Kit the ideal start to reliable and reproducible qPCR results in molecular diagnostics.



  Prenatal testing (NIPT)


  Transplant medicine

  Cardiovascular diseases

  Post-trauma monitoring


Initially, the uniquely formulated lysis buffer is added to the plasma sample to release the cfDNA from proteins and vesicles, while DNases and RNases are inactivated. After binding of the cfDNA to the added magnetic beads, the cfDNA-magnetic bead complex can be separated from the lysate by using a magnetic separation device. A series of quick wash steps remove trace contaminants and the purified cfDNA can be eluted from the magnetic beads using the Elution Buffer.

Proof of principle

Enrichment of short DNA fragments


Electropherogram of 8 different human plasma samples after extraction with the Clean Cell Free DNA Kit.

qPCR analysis


Albumin directed TaqMan® qPCR performed with Sensifast Lo-Rox after extracting DNA from 13 human plasma with the Clean Cell Free DNA Kit and Company Q.

High DNA yield


Yield after extracting DNA from 13 human plasma samples with the Clean Cell Free DNA Kit and Company Q, measured with the DeNovix DS-11 FX.