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Clean Plasmid TR DNA Kit

Catalog No# Description Number of preps
CPLT-D0096 Clean Plasmid TR DNA Kit 96
CPLT-D0384 Clean Plasmid TR DNA Kit 384

The Clean Plasmid TR DNA Kit is based upon CleanNA‘s proprietary magnetic beads based system to extract high quality and endo toxin free plasmid DNA.

The system can easily be automated on many liquid handling workstations (e.g. Beckman, Hamilton, Tecan, Caliper, Perkin Elmer, Dynamic Devices, Agilent and Eppendorf) providing robustness and reproducibility.

Plasmid yields may vary according to E.coli strain used, plasmid copy number and growth conditions. Typically an overnight culture in 1 mL LB medium provides 10 up to 15 μg of plasmid DNA for high-copy plasmids. The isolated plasmid DNA is endotoxin free and directly suitable for transfections, Sanger sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion as well as other molecular biology procedures.

We would also like to recommend our Crispr-Cas9 products, such as the Clean blood tissue DNA kit.