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Clean Viral RNA
Swab Kit (24 x 96)
CV-R2304 2304
CleanXtract 96 CXT-I096 1 system
96-Well Deep Well Plate 503621 50 pcs/box
96-Well Comb 503361 50 pcs/box


CleanXtract 96

Large-scale virus research and identification are booming fields, even more so after the rise of the Coronavirus. Scientists need information about viruses and their possible variants to implement new solutions and combat the disease. CleanNA offers an optimized combination of our Clean Viral RNA Swab kit and our benchtop workstation CleanXtract 96 to purify the viral RNA.

  • Little hands on time
  • High throughput
  • Suitable for PCR
  • Fast and efficient


Our Clean Viral RNA Swab Kit extracts viral RNA from nose or throat swabs in a couple of straightforward steps. The CleanXtract 96 can process up to 96 samples per run and has a clear interface with pre-programmed protocols to make the magnetic bead extraction instrument easy to work with. Furthermore, UV-decontamination function makes sure there is no cross contamination during experiments, enabling scientists to generate results they can trust.


Before starting the experiment, the 96-well placed should be prefilled with the reagents and placed in the CleanXtract 96. The comb of the CleanXtract 96 mixes the sample in the lysis buffer with the binding buffer. In this step, the RNA binds to the magnetic beads. The CleanXtract 96 magnet in the comb separates the magnetic beads from the lysates and transfers them to the next plate. After a few rapid wash steps to remove trace contaminants (e.g. proteins and cellular debris), the instrument elutes the RNA in nuclease free water in the final elution plate.

Workflow CleanNA


SARS-CoV-2 research is an important application of the Clean Viral RNA Swab Kit, but certainly not the only one. The system and kit can be used for many respiratory tract infections with swabs in either Universal or Virus Transport Medium, extracting the RNA for PCR or NGS experiments. Not only with existing viruses, but also variant that will appear in the future.

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