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CleanXtract 96 CXT-I096 1 system

Automated Magnetic Bead
Based Nucleic Acid Extraction

CleanXtract 96

Automation of procedures in molecular laboratories has numerous benefits: error reduction, faster processing, high throughput and less hands on time. Extraction of nucleic acids, often the first step in a molecular biology workflow, can easily be automated by using magnetic bead-based kits on our new instrument: the CleanXtract 96.

Kick-start your workflow

The instrument is designed to extract nucleic acids from a high number of different samples, depending on the magnetic bead-based kit that is used. UV-decontamination control, heating functions and the big touchscreen make the CleanXtract 96 a reliable and powerful tool to kick-start your workflow...


The CleanXtract 96 can be used in combination with different magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction kits, depending on your research area.

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