CleanNA launches CE-IVD product for quick and reliable viral DNA and RNA extraction

Waddinxveen (NL), March 6th, 2024

CleanNA, a Dutch manufacturer of magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction kits and systems, launched its second CE-IVD marked product. The company’s Clean Quick Viral DNA/RNA (CE-IVD) extracts viral DNA and RNA from nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swab samples preserved in an inactivating viral transport medium. Clean Quick Viral DNA/RNA is based on magnetic beads, which makes the protocol easy to automate on CleanNA’s CleanXtract 96 or general liquid handlers. Extracted DNA and RNA is directly suitable for downstream applications based on (q)PCR.

If we learned one thing from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the fact that the world requires quick and dependable methods for identifying pathogens. Timely detection of emerging pathogens allows for the implementation of suitable preventive measures. Moreover, in the case of an infected patient, prompt identification of the pathogen is crucial to deliver the correct treatment. Clean Quick Viral DNA/RNA serves as an ideal starting point for virus identification workflows.

CleanNA developed the Clean Quick Viral DNA/RNA for use in diagnostic workflows, that is why the product is CE-IVD marked. The In Vitro Diagnostic Regulations of the European Union have the goal to ensure that products are safe, effective and reliable and they apply to all in vitro diagnostic medical devices on the EU market.

“Clean Quick Viral DNA/RNA is the next CE-IVD marked product we launch in a short period of time. The unique aspect of this reagent is that it works on our CleanXtract 96, making it possible to automate the process for viral DNA and RNA extraction in diagnostics.”

– Glenn Nohar, owner and CEO of CleanNA

Launch of the Clean Quick Viral DNA/RNA (CE-IVD) follows quickly after the introduction of the Clean Cell Free DNA Kit (CE-IVD) last November. This shows that CleanNA is focused on the molecular diagnostics market. The company plans to launch more CE-IVD kits the coming year.

About CleanNA:

CleanNA is a Dutch manufacturer of nucleic acid extraction kits that are based on an easy bind-wash-elute principle using magnetic beads. Their quality management system is EN-ISO 13485 certified by Bureau Veritas. The company’s product portfolio exists of extraction kits for nucleic acids from clinical samples for research and diagnostics, and for sample cleanup during PCR or Next Generation Sequencing procedures. Due to the use of magnetic beads, the products are ideally suited for use in automated extraction procedures.