Catalog No# Description Number of preps
CPT-DR0096 Clean Pathogen DNA & RNA Kit 96
CPT-DR0384 Clean Pathogen DNA & RNA Kit 384

Clean Pathogen DNA & RNA Kit

Easy extraction from a complex matrix

Infectious diseases are a worldwide threat to public health. These diseases can be caused by different types of pathogenic micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Being able to detect the pathogen quickly and perform more detailed studies on its genetic material helps to apply and develop the right treatments.

Our Clean Pathogen DNA & RNA Kit helps scientists with the first step of this process: extraction of DNA or RNA from complex matrices like serum, tissue, and stool. Due to the use of magnetic beads, the kit is fully scalable and can easily be automated. Clean Pathogen includes a glass bead disruptor plate to lyse and mix samples, which makes the kit the right choice for the extraction of pathogen DNA as well as RNA from a variety of sample types.

By isolating host genomic DNA, bacterial DNA, fungal spore DNA, viral DNA as well as host RNA and viral RNA from different matrices, the Clean pathogen has lots of possibilities. Downstream applications include NGS, (q)PCR, Sanger Sequencing, and SNP analysis in a great variety of research fields, for example pathogen detection, women’s health, metagenomics, and veterinary and food diagnostics.

The kits protocol is fully scalable and due to the use of CleanNA’s magnetic bead purification technology, can besides manual usage, easily be automated once the samples have been lysed on our CleanXtract 96 or liquid handling workstations (e.g. Hamilton STAR™, Thermo KingFisher™ Flex, Applied Biosystems® MagMAX™, Qiagen BioSprint, and other liquid handling instruments).