CleanNA b.v., located at Coenecoop 75 in Waddinxveen, is responsible for processing personal data as described in this privacy statement.

What is personal data?

Personal data is data that tells us something about a person, or data that can be traced back to a person, for example a phone number or a combination of zip code and house number.

Company data is not similar to personal data. This privacy statement therefore does not apply for that kind of information. Exceptions are self-employed people, “eenmanszaak” or “VOF”.

What do we mean with processing personal data?

The word processing means a variety of actions CleanNA b.v. can undertake with personal data. For example: collect, capture, organize, structure, safe, update, change, request, consult, use, send forward, spread, make available, interrelate, shield, delete and destroy.

Personal data that CleanNA b.v. processes

CleanNA b.v. processes personal data because:

  1. You use our services.
  2. You provide us with your personal data.
  3. We search for public data to recommend our products.
  4. You apply for a job.

AD 1: You use our services

Here you find an overview of (personal) data we may process when you use our services or when you order through our web shop.

  • First and last name
  • Phone number (preferably business)
  • E-mail address (preferably business)
  • Function (business)
  • Department (business)
  • Company details (for shipping and billing)

AD 2: You provide us with your personal data

Data is exchanged in several ways:

  • At events and exhibitions
  • Communication with customers and prospects
  • Register via the web shop

We do not ask for personal data except for name and surname.

Only after giving permission data will be added to our mailing list.

AD 3: We search for public data to recommend our products.

In occasion we search for information of potential customers on the internet. The information we search for is mainly business related. Only after permission names and information will be saved in our systems.

AD 4: You apply for a job

Applicants will only stay in our systems while the procedure for the function is running. After finalizing the procedure, all information is deleted. Personal information is never used for any other purpose.

The purpose and the reasons we process information.

CleanNA b.v. processes your information for the following reasons:

  • Handling payments.
  • Sending requested products.
  • Sending (digital) information.
  • Calling or mailing to optimize our service.
  • Invitation for an interview.

The storage period of personal information

Personal information (if provided) is processed and stored in our system as long as people work for the organisation we service. Personal information is removed as soon as it can be replaced by business information or when the person is no longer part of that organisation.

Sharing personal information with third parties

CleanNA b.v. never sells or provides information to third parties unless it is necessary to comply with an agreement or to comply to legal requirements or after consultation with the affected person.

Companies that process information on behalf of CleanNA b.v. sign an agreement to provide a similar level of safety and privacy of personal information.

Our database is hosted through Yourhosting. The website and webshop are managed in house. Data collection takes place in Profit.

Cookies or similar techniques

CleanNA b.v. uses cookies. Click here for more information.

View, change or remove data

You have the right to view, correct or remove your date from the system. Furthermore, you have the right to withdraw your permission to process your personal information by CleanNA b.v. and you have the right to data portability.

Requests for any of the above mentioned can be send to: