Custum kit supply

Custom Kit Supply

CleanNA aims to offer tailored solutions to meet customers specific needs, our experience, scientific
knowledge and automation solution experience puts us in a position to significantly reduce hands on

To complement our customers high-throughput and custom applications, we are pleased to offer
our custom kit supply program, we are able to supply our catalogue kits in custom aliquots, more
suitable to your own throughput, as well as customised versions of our standard kits, as a raw
material component, to be included in your own kit.

Taking advantage of our custom kit supply program from CleanNA, the manufacturer, benefits in
several areas, particularly in pricing due to volume.

Bulk Portfolio
CleanNGS: DNA & RNA clean-up for NGS library construction.
CleanDTR: Big Dye Terminator removal sequencing clean up kit.
CleanPCR: High recovery PCR clean up system.
Clean Plant DNA Kit: Plant DNA purification system.

Production Control
Being a manufacturer of magnetic beads-based kits means our production in Holland is flexible, we
have total control over our manufacturing processes and therefore are able to offer our kits in a
range of batch, configurations and pack sizes, to meet your specific demands.

5ml upwards custom aliquots
Product customization for bulk supply
Customisation for raw material component supply
Large format supply: 1L upwards
Single batch bulk quantities

Bulk Benefits
Additional value due to improved pricing
Custom pack sizes
Standing order deliveries
Direct technical support

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