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CleanXTract Viral RNA Swab System

Accelerated Nucleic Acid Isolation

The CleanXTract 96 is a fully automated, high throughput Nucleic Acid Isolation instrument. It has been optimised to work with the Clean Viral RNA Swab Kit, a magnetic-bead based kit, resulting in a powerful, robust and rapid solution to Viral RNA isolation of up to 96 samples per run.

The Kit has been designed for the fast-automated isolation of Viral RNA from sample types such as nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs.

Downstream applications:
      • PCR
      • qPCR
      • Next Generation Sequencing
CleanXTract 96 Nucleic Acid Isolation Instrument

The CleanXTract 96 has a proprietary design, UV-decontamination control and heating functions and the large touch screen allows for easy operation, with pre-programmed protocols for ease of use. It is a powerful tool for pathogen screening and research in molecular biology laboratories.

Fully automated, High throughput

A robust operating system ensures stable 24/7 operation with an automated isolation procedure perfectly matched to the Clean Viral RNA Swab Kit. The instrument can process up to 96 samples in one run, faster than the equivalent manual procedure, with robust results and reduced errors.

CleanXTract automated workflow

Eliminate cross contamination

The intelligent operating system stringently controls contamination between wells during the transfer process. Disposable plastic extraction plates and combs and two UV lamps eliminate contamination between different batches.

State of the art technology

Equipped with a touch screen, UV lamps and temperature-controlled block positions, the instrument makes operation simple, with safer experiments, improved lysing and better results. Furthermore, a 5G module is optional, which allows for remote administration of the instrument.

Covid-19 QPCR results comparing CleanXTract 96 with reference laboratory workflow
Purification PCR CleanXTract 96 Reference Lab
Positive 25 24
Negative 226 227
Total 251


Table 1: COVID-19 qPCR data were used as an indicator for the quality of the RNA samples processed by the CleanXTract 96 Viral RNA Swab System. For extraction, 200 µl sample input was used and RNA was eluted in 50 µl elution buffer. This table shows qPCR-based diagnostic interpretation data from 251 patient samples generated by an official reference lab, using a competitor magnetic bead-based extraction platform (Reference Lab), and in parallel generated by our inhouse workflow including the CleanXTract 96 Viral RNA Swab System. Diagnostic interpretation, number of positively and negatively labelled samples, is stated in this table. In conclusion, results show high concordance between the data generated by the Clean Viral RNA Swab kit assay ran on the CleanXTract 96 in comparison to the data generated by a validated COVID19-qPCR diagnostic workflow at a reference lab. These results position the CleanXTract 96 Viral RNA Swab System as a high-quality platform for automated magnetic bead-based isolation of viral RNA.


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  • Fully automated, High throughput
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Reliable isolation of Viral RNA
  • Isolated Nucleic Acids are directly suitable for downstream applications